Card- & Coin-Operated Washing Machines

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  MG040 MG055  

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Producing up to 200 G-force extract, MG-Series hard-mount washers reach higher extract speeds than most other hard-mount machines on the market! By reaching higher speeds, MG-Series Washers remove more water during extract, cutting resulting dry time and associated natural gas and electricity consumption. Moreover, customers complete laundry sooner!

  • Performance Level
    Medium to High (10- to 16-cycles/day)
  • Life-ExpectancyLong (10- to 15- years)
  • Control Flexibility – 1 Control Option
    Coin Control – 4 modifiable programs
  • EfficiencyHigh
  • PerformanceMedium to High (up to 200 G-force extract, variable speeds)
  • Mounting TypeHard-Mount
  • InstallationDifficult and High Cost (requires concrete foundation, bolt-down and grouting)
  • PriceLow to Medium

High Speed Extract Cuts Gas Consumption

MG-Series Hard-Mount Washer-Extractors are Continental's highest performing hard-mount washers—generating up to 200 G-force extract. By comparison, most hard-mount washers only generate speeds of 75-90 G-force. By generating more than double the G-force, MG-Series Washers remove considerably more water from each load. This reduces dry-time and natural gas consumption—cutting utility costs and the time it takes customers to complete laundry. In the end, MG-Series Washers improve customer turnover and bottom-line profits.

Smaller Footprint

MG-Series occupy less space than most other hard-mount washers, allowing self-service laundries to install more machines per square foot. The 40-pound model uses 20 percent less space; and the 55-pound capacity model consumes five percent less space than some hard-mount washers with comparable basket capacities. This space savings allows storeowners to increase the number and/or size of washers per square foot—increasing profit potential.

Single-Phase Power

Operating on single-phase power with inverter technology, MG-Series Washers consume less energy and are less costly to install than the industry-standard three-phase power units. No longer is a three-phase breaker required—resulting in a significant savings during installation. If three-phase power is preferred, however, MG-Series is easily adapted for this power requirement.

Quality Construction and Durability

M-Series Washers feature durable AISI-304 stainless steel inner and outer drums designed for constant use. The front, side and top panels are constructed of steel and coated with Continental's unique Titan Steel Finish™ for superior appearance and corrosion resistance. All machine components are engineered using as few welds as possible to attain unmatched strength. From the rounded cabinet corners to the oversized bearings and quality sealing system, no details were overlooked in the construction of these machines. No wonder M-Series is backed by a 3/5-year manufacturer's warranty!

Large, Heavy-Duty Door

The oversized door on MG-Series, which allows for easy loading and unloading, is equipped with a heavy-duty, bolt-style hinge to withstand the rigors of a busy store. An ADA compliant door handle makes your laundry more accessible, and an immediate door unlock at the end-of-cycle signal helps boost customer turnover.

Flexible Control

M-Series' Coin Control puts storeowners in the driver's seat with four modifiable programs—Superwash, Hot, Warm and Cold. The control, which interfaces easily with both coin and card systems, enables programmability of G-force extract, mechanical action, wash temperature (by degree), water levels and wash/rinse/ extract time in each phase. The control's flexibility allows multi-level vend pricing on the same machine depending on the wash program selected, time of day or day of the week. Therefore, vend prices can change easily according to each program's energy-efficiency. Through proper programming, vended laundries can curb gas and water usage and effectively shorten the time it takes

Serial Communication

MG-Series Washers feature an optional serial communication feature that gives card-operated laundry owners control over many of their store's functions remotely. Washer and payment system features, including vend pricing, cycle time, water levels, bath temperatures, and diagnostics, can be reviewed and modified by the storeowners via a secure Internet connection. Multi-level vend pricing, time of day and day of week pricing options can be changed easily—dramatically expanding income and efficiency potential!

User-friendly Detergent Hopper

MG-Series Washers feature a top-mounted detergent dispenser with up to four compartments—one for powder, one for optional pre-wash and two for liquid products. An oversized seal around the dispenser keeps bleach, softeners and detergents where they belong. A powerful compartment flushing system reduces maintenance by thoroughly cleaning each compartment after every customer cycle.

Ease of Maintenance

Nearly all MG-Series components are accessible via the front or top panels of the washer, which are easily removed without interfering with the detergent hopper. To simplify maintenance, the drain and drain valve can be easily accessed by the simple removal of the front panel. Bearings are lubricated for a lifetime, the poly-v belt needn't be tightened, and bearings and seals are easily replaced without removing the washer drum. Component accessibility is quick and easy.

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