Heated Roll Ironers
Heated Roll Ironer

No Wax Finishing Means Less Mess & Hassle
OnePress Heated-Roll Ironers, available in multiple finishing widths and 13- or 20-inch diameter rolls, bring no-wax finishing technology to laundries. Thanks to machined-steel cylinders, which are mirror polished and chrome plated, laundries avoid the messy application and stripping of roll wax. Not only is the no-wax design less hassle, it also reduces the labor and material costs associated with wax maintenance. Plus, the no-wax design eliminates linen damage caused by wax contact—extending linen and machine ribbon life.

Durability Second to None
OnePress Flatwork Ironers are constructed for constant use. Features such as sturdy steel frames and cylinders, fiberglass endplates and heavy-duty, permanently lubricated bearings make it possible for all OnePress Ironers to carry a 5/3 year limited warranty-the best in the industry! An added layer of thermal insulation takes quality and efficiency a step further by trapping heat inside the ironer where it belongs.

OnePress Ironers are Energy Efficient
Better yet, OnePress ironers work to curb spiking utility costs by offering excellent energy efficiency. The result is an ironer capable of increasing production and decreasing overhead costs. Four components work together — a motor reducer, speed inverter, encoder and versatile microprocessor — to help eliminate wasted energy usage during ramp-up, operation and cool-down.

OnePress Ironers are Safe to Operate
Today’s industrial laundries need energy efficient, labor-reducing equipment. Similarly, laundries value equipment that is proven safe to use. Did you know OnePress ironers meet rigorous worldwide environmental and safety standards? Safety features abound on these industrial ironers, including independent switch disconnect, emergency stop button, hand guard with double safety sensors, electrical circuit safeguard, manual lint removal and a computer alarm. Safety start-up and automatic cooling and shut down also ensure safe operation.

Our Ironers are About Performance
Struggling to find ways to boost your laundry’s production without increasing labor? OnePress Ironers can help, thanks to a variety of sizes and exclusive features that ensure great results in less time. From the compact design of the P13 Heated-Roll Ironer to the large output capability of the PN32 three-roll Heated-Chest Ironer, OnePress has an ironer to suit every need. By properly sizing these ironers to your laundry's specific productivity goals, you will maximize quality, productivity and operation efficiency.

The Difference is in the Control
All OnePress Flatwork Ironers offer programmable and easy-to-operate controls that provide efficient performance and ease of use. No matter the linen type or moisture content, OnePress ironers are easily programmed to provide superior finishing results every time – with simple, one-touch operation!

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